The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary

The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary
Save the Sumatran Rhino

Why We Have To Explore Way Kambas National Park ?

Just at Way Kambas National Park (WKNP), the last habitat of sumatran rhino is able to wild encounter on the world. Not only Sumatran rhino (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis), but indeed you are possible to find the big mammals with IUCN criteria are Critically Endangered Species, such as sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae), sumatran elephant (Elephas maximus sumtranus) and sumatran tapir (Tapirus indicus). Siamang (Symphalangus sindactylus), cauchang (Nycticebus cauchang), agile gibbon (Hylobates agilis), simpey (Prebytis melalophos); their are primates which almost extinct on the world. More than 300 species of birds are there, almost 50 % are endanger and vulnerable. WKNP is Eden for wildlife adventured, especially sumatran rhino is big mammal the most extinct from the earth.
The Eco-tour is special for conservation education and awareness of wildlife at WKNP. Please follow the government rule and the rule of the interesting wildlife games from the professional guides.
Therefore, save WKNP is the first priority for the adventurer and explorer, especially save the sumatran rhino from the extinction with donation to The Foundation of Indonesian Rhino (Yayasan Badak Indonesia/YABI),